Your digital files are all over the place

you don't know which Google Drive that document is in

You don't know what you do with all your files not to mention all the old files you have to revisit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Files

    Learn to declutter your files and how to organize them by sub-folders, where to put them and best storage practices.

  • Email

    Eliminate unnecessary email subscriptions and newsletters. And learn how to only read the emails that matter.

  • Phone

    Gain control over your phone by learning what apps to delete, and how to use your phone based on what works for you.

Your Instructor

I'm Rebekah Love

I'm Rebekah Love

I love to organize, DIY, Pinterest, and collect an unnecessary amount of stickers for my planner. And I started Organize For Love to create culturally relevant organization solutions for black women like me. I created Organize For Love because I want to see more black women represented in the Professional Organizing field and I want a space where black folks address our internal and external clutter.